10 Best Curry Restaurants in London

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Southeast Asians have a long-standing history in the UK dating back to the 1800s when Sikh and Punjab soldiers served in the British military. Later, in the 19th and 20th centuries, Pakistanis migrated to the UK to work in the British ships sailing out of Karachi and Bombay. Once they settled in their new hometowns, they brought along their rich cuisines – introducing London to festive feasts consisting of everything from rogan josh to tandoori chicken.

The next time you venture out to London, you’ll want to stop by one of these 10 curry restaurants to indulge in authentic Indian cuisine.

1. Gymkhana

Looking for a fine dining, a world-renowned restaurant that serves some of the best seasonal curries on the block? Head on down to Gymkhana – the Michelin-starred establishment that was named the best British restaurant in 2014. The name and decor were inspired by Indian gymkhanas, also known as social clubs. You can nibble on some of the finest goan pork vindaloos or sip on Indian punches served in silver goblets.


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