10 Things NOT to Do in Laos

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When traveling to a country like Laos, it’s always best to brush up on the Do’s and Don’ts beforehand. Failing to adhere to its cultural and unspoken social rules and customs could potentially turn your trip into a nightmare. Laos is one country that’s rich in heritage and traditions, and being respectful of these beliefs will earn you respect amongst the natives.

Here are a few of the basic Don’ts to keep in mind before heading out to this Southeast Asian country.

1. Wear a Skimpy Bikini

If you plan on taking a swim, especially in one of the world’s greatest bodies of water known as the Mekong River, you’ll want to cover up. Most Laotians wear shorts and T-shirts when they’re in the water, so your best bet is to cover up as, well. Skimpy bikinis and bathing suits are a no-no. And at night, it’s advisable for women to wear a sarong when they go for a dip.

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