11 Foods You Must Try in Hungary

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Like many countries in the region, Hungary sports a heavily Germanic-influenced cuisine, albeit with its own distinct Magyar spin. Dishes tend to be extensively based on meat, bread and seasonal vegetables, with more than a few delicious desserts thrown in. Let’s just say the traditional cuisine developed before the low-carb craze. Perhaps most famous is its meat stew, known to most foreigners as goulash. Heading on a trip to Budapest and beyond? Take a look at some of the tempting foods you must try in Hungary, even if you can’t pronounce the names!

1. Lángos

Perhaps one of the unhealthiest fast-food options on the planet, Lángos is nonetheless quite delicious, particularly after a late night out. The base consists of a deep-fried dough, but you can choose from a variety of toppings, the most popular one being sour cream and cheese. Other options include mashed potatoes, yogurt, mushroom, cabbage or even jam. Your arteries may clog, but your tongue and tummy will thank you.

foods you must try in Hungary
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