12 Things NOT to Do in Bolivia

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Thinking of traveling to South America? If so, Bolivia just might be the perfect destination for you. As the most elevated country in the continent, Bolivia offers travelers the most amazing panoramic views from its highest peaks. Whether you have your heart set on taking a week-long hike through the Cordillera Real, going on a terrifying bike ride down Death Road, shopping for souvenirs in La Paz, or just relaxing behind the gates of a fancy resort, here’s a list of things you SHOULDN’T do while visiting this landlocked and ethnically-diverse destination.

1. Travel Without Toilet Paper

It doesn’t matter if you’ve booked a room at a decent hotel, or if you’re dining inside a fine establishment. You’ll soon realize that toilet paper is a hot commodity in most cities. That’s why it’s best to bring your own roll of TP wherever you go. Similar to most South American countries, the pipes are a lot smaller and not well-maintained in Bolivia. So make sure you don’t flush your toilet paper when you’re all done. It should always be tossed in the trashcan instead.

If you’re traveling on a budget and want to save some cash, make sure to use the restroom in your hotel or hostel before heading out. Most public toilets charge per use, about 1 Bs (Bs = Boliviano and is the equivalent of 14¢ USD) in heavily populated tourists areas and up to 5 Bs (72¢ USD) in deserted areas like the salt flats around Salar de Uyuni.

White Toilet Bowl And Toilet Paper.
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