12 Ways Airlines Are Out to Totally Screw You Over

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Here’s the world’s worst kept secret: airlines are out to take as much of your money as humanly possible, each and every time you purchase a ticket. In terms of overall businesses, you could say airlines are like mechanics crossed with ambulance chasers, only not as trustworthy. From the moment you pick up the phone or log on their web site, airlines have an entire array of tricks and hidden charges designed to essentially hold you upside down by the ankles and keep shaking until money falls out. Compounded with the fact that flying hasn’t actually been fun for going on twenty years and … well, let’s just say there’s no such thing as the “friendly skies” anymore. The next time you’re forced to travel by air bus, just remember to keep your eyes open for avoidable price increases and try to remember a few of these handy tips.

1. Remember That Airline Employees Care Less Than You Do (A Lot Less)

Before you even leave for the airport, you should get ready for apathy. Sure, airline and TSA employees can be completely nice people, but — worst case scenario — they’re counting down the hours until they get to leave their stupid, miserable job that is filled wall-to-wall with entitled, grumpy airplane passengers. You’re on vacation, they’re paying rent. As a result, these people will not respond well to temper tantrums, gruff behavior, etc. They can ruin your flight, and they will, if only to spice up their day.


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