13 Best Foodie Regions of India

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In all the world, few international cuisines can even compare to the singularly wonderful food found in India. Awash in delicious spices of every variety, Indian food is as scrumptious as it is diverse. If you have the fortune to travel through the country, you should first know that the country’s gastronomic preferences changed from region to region. The only unifying trait: the food is amazing. From the seafood served in Goa to the coconut-laden treasures in Kerala, if there’s one thing the Indian people do well, it’s the food. If you want your Indian vacation to be a foodie’s delight through and through, here are some of the best places to visit with an empty stomach.

1. Mumbai

The country’s largest city, Mumbai, has earned a reputation as one of its most gastronomically diverse. Thanks to the huge influx of different cultures from around India, Mumbai’s food has been influenced by several cultures simultaneously. As a result, Mumbai’s food serves as a pretty good cross-section of Indian cuisine while also providing a blend of Gujarati, Maharastrian and Parsee culture that is unique to the city.


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