13 Things NOT to Do in Portugal

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There’s more than a little bit of old world magic still lingering in the gorgeous cities and green countrysides of Portugal. The oft overlooked nation is the oldest in Europe, having had the same boundaries since 1139. Though small, Portugal has an incredibly rich culture that reaches back centuries. Time and again, the country has reinvented itself in order to stay on the cutting edge of worldwide culture. If you’re looking for a wonderful glass of wine, a home for architectural wonders, or a country gilled with happy, friendly locals, then you can’t do much better than Portugal. The incredibly fun travel destination is filled with fun stuff to do, and that’s before you get to its gorgeous beaches. It’s easy to have a great time in Portugal; unfortunately, it’s also possible to get into some trouble if you’re not careful. If you’re traveling to Portugal and you’d like to avoid trouble, here are a few tips to make it happen.

1. Don’t Count Your Calories

To put it simply, Portuguese cuisine is freaking awesome. Traditional dishes like francesinha or the country’s myriad of takes on enchidos are going to blow your mind. Then, dessert will send you to another world. So, remember that you’re on vacation and try to relax. Otherwise you’ll miss out on something truly delicious.


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