13 Worst Places to Live in Canada

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Just a few short months into the reign — excuse me, administration of Donald Trump, you might be looking to get gone as fast as possible. Well, fortunately, you’ve got options. In fact, earlier this year Canadian Prime Fella Justin Trudeaux was quoted saying that, “In the event of a mass exodus of American citizens, Canada will always be a hospitable country for people persecuted or fleeing difficult living conditions.” And — to a large extent — that’s very true. Of course, the Great White North isn’t all sunshine and sparkles. If you’re really considering taking the leap and moving northward, then here are the Canadian cities you’re going to want to avoid.

1. New Glasgow, NS

Things in New Glasgow are on the rise, in spite of their well-earned reputation for trouble. How bad was it? Well, until recently, the town in Nova Scotia had a 10-tonne light armor vehicle (that was equipped with a rotating turret). Who used this military machine? The town’s SWAT-like Emergency Response Team — which is another thing they also needed for about 10 years.


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