14 Fun Things to Do with Kids in New Orleans

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Everyone knows that it’s simple to find some good, adult fun in New Orleans. Celebrations like Mardi Gras and locations like Bourbon Street have created for New Orleans a kind of “adult playground” vibe. So, your nights are taken care of. But what happens during the day, when you have to be a parent and find something to entertain your children? Well, fortunately, you’re in luck. Though they might not get as much publicity as the more R-rated delights, New Orleans is filled with plenty of activities to keep your children happy and smiling. Whether you’re a proud parent of an outdoor explorer or an indoor kid, New Orleans has something to make your next vacation a real delight.

1. Big Easy Bayou Kayak Tour

Help drain your little ones’ seemingly unending supply of energy with a two-hour tour on the river. The paddle tour is great for older kids, who will appreciate a little independence. Since the guided tour also comes with a dose of history, they might accidentally learn a little something, too.


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