14 Houses That Scoff at the Laws of Physics

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For most of us, it’s enough to be able to lay claim to four walls and a roof that you can call your very own. A house built on the safety of solid ground isn’t enough for some adventurous home owners. These people (who seem to all have a massive budget in common) prefer to live somewhere unconventional, in a dwelling that simply laughs off the laws of gravity and the rules of physics. These homeowners pay good money for the privilege of calling their domicile truly unique. It takes a keen architectural eye, a whole lot of steel, and a little bit of faith, but there have been some wondrous creations inspired by those people daring enough to do something a little different.

1. Wozoco Apartments

Talk about making lemonade. When architects in the Netherlands discovered a mistake in the original blueprints for their planned apartment building, an architectural marvel was born. See, in Amsterdam, the government mandates that all residents of an apartment have access to a certain amount of sun. Unfortunately, MVRDV architects totally spaced that rule when planning Wozoco Apartments. When they discovered their error, they simply hung a chunk of the building off the north face, a stylish solution that meets public standards and appears to defy gravity.


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