14 Things NOT to Do in Poland

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There are an almost endless number of reasons to visit Poland, from its rich history to its gorgeous natural wonders. Poland is home to 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the food is incredible, and the history is gripping. You can hit the clubs, hit the beach, or hit the slopes depending on what time of year you travel there. It’s cheap, too. Of course, as in any foreign country it’s still possible to get into some trouble when you travel to Poland. If you want to stay safe, keep the locals happy, and make sure you hit all the right hot spots, follow these simple rules.

1. Don’t Check Your Inhibitions at the Door

Just because Poland looks like it was ripped from a storybook doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your head on your shoulders. Use good judgement, avoid poorer areas after dark, and think twice before you go home with any strangers. That being said, Poland still has a very low crime rate overall, so you should be safe.


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