14 Things NOT to Do in Romania

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Even though you might not immediately peg Romania as a world class vacation destination, there are plenty of things to keep any kind of traveler busy. Fans of the great outdoors will find plenty to love at Bigar Waterfall or the Zoological Museum, historical aficionados will find one-of-a-kind destinations in Poenari Castle or Snagov Monastery, and pretty much anyone will get a laugh out of the unusual Merry Cemetery. There’s a whole lot to do in Romania that’s made all the sweeter because it’s extremely cost-friendly. Of course, to make the most out of your Romanian holiday, you should consider following these simple rules for avoiding trouble.

1. Don’t Sleep on the Romanian People

If you have the opportunity — and if you hit a pub, you’ll likely have the opportunity — take some time to hang out with the local people. They have a reputation for warmth and hospitality and their sense of humor isn’t what you’d expect at all.


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