14 Things to Do with Kids in Madrid

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The next time you’re planning a trip for your family, don’t settle for the same old destinations that are geared to entertain your children exclusively. Head somewhere that holds something for the entire family: Madrid. Comparatively affordable compared to other European cities, Madrid boasts beautiful weather year round, a rich and vibrant history, and one of the most charming cultures in all the world. Even better, the Spanish capital city is filled with activities designed with the whole family in mind. If you want your next family vacation to be something to truly remember, then make sure that you head to Madrid. While you’re there, here are some of the most popular activities with which to fill your time.

1. Faunia

There are lots places throughout Madrid where visitors can get up close and personal with the natural world, but Faunia stands out among them. Spread across 14 lush acres, Faunia is an open-form natural area that recreates more than 13 thematic areas. Kids (and parents) can even interact directly with the animals. Ever wanted to pet a sea lion? Now’s your chance.


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