14 Things to Do with Kids in Sydney

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Obviously, adults know that there is plenty in Sydney, Australia to keep them occupied. The city’s robust cultural scene has everything an active adult could want, and the beaches provide more than enough room to stretch out and soak up some sun when you need a few hours of relaxation. What about the kids, though? If you’re bringing the whole family to Sydney for a getaway, you might be a little nervous about ensuring your kids have a memorable vacation. Not to worry, though, because Sydney, Australia is filled with activities that your entire family will love. Here are some of the best!

1. Centennial Stables

What kid isn’t ready to take a ride on a horse? Centennial Stables is home to five riding schools that will teach you and your kids how to ride in style any day of the week. Classes are geared to specific ages and skill levels, so you can rest assured that there’s a lesson available for kids of any age.


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