14 Things You Can’t Miss in Albania

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If someone explained that they were taking a beach trip to Montenegro, or a historical expedition to Greece, you’d likely get vicariously excited for them. If they said they were headed to Albania, however, you might ask why they were being forced to head to such an out of the way location. Well, if you’ve never visited the country that’s sandwiched right between Greece and Montenegro, then you’re missing out. There is so much more to a trip to Albania than you might think, and not least because it’s 40 percent cheaper than a Greek vacation. Here are some of the country’s can’t miss destinations when you’re headed to this gorgeous Balkan nation.

1. The Albanian Riviera

Yeah, that might sound like something of a contradiction in terms, but the beautiful stretch of beach in Albania is an affordable alternative that sacrifices almost none of the frills. When you’re not lounging on the beach, the Albanian Riviera is also a hot spot for nightlife including a robust bar scene and a growing reputation for quality live music.


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