14 Things You Can’t Miss in Panama

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Of all the countries that spread southward from Texas to the southern tip of South America, Panama stands alone. It absolutely boasts the gorgeous beaches and tropical surroundings you’d hope for in a Central American getaway, but Panama is also home to an inviting culture and some of the 20th century’s most important historical sites. If you’ve never considered a trip to Panama, the bridge to South America, then here are some destinations that just might change your mind.

1. In Panama City, Take the Metro

Even if you have the funds to travel by cab, you’re missing out if you don’t take advantage of the city’s metro. It’s cheap, clean, and it goes to pretty much every tourist attraction in the city. Just like you wouldn’t visit New York or Washington D.C. without taking a ride on the subway, you shouldn’t try to get around Panama City on anything other than public transportation.


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