14 Unbelievable Underwater Travel Sites You Need to Visit

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On the planet Earth it’s easy to say that we’ve discovered pretty much everything there is to discover, but that’s so far from the case. I’m not talking about a bunch of lab guys getting excited because they found a new type of microbe, either. More than sixty percent of our planet is covered in water, and the vast majority of those dark reaches have yet to be explored. While scientists work feverishly to explore the farthest scope of space, there is another undiscovered frontier sprawling across most of our terrestrial real estate. If you’re the kind of traveler who’s always been intrigued by the vast unknown of the water, then you should consider a little aquatic tourism the next time you’re on vacation. Rather than simply lie beside the ocean on a beach, why not experience it completely? Spend the night in view of a dolphin or share a meal with a school of fish. Here, for your consideration, are the world’s most exciting underwater attractions.

1. Sleep With the Fishes at Utter Inn

For those people who work on a finite budget, there’s Utter Inn, designed by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, Utter Inn looks like a simple mini-house floating on the surface of a lake. Once inside, though, Utter Inn becomes a reverse fishbowl that offers views of all the surrounding wildlife.

utter inn

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