15 Best Attractions to Explore in Guyana

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Looking for a little touch of the Caribbean on your next vacation? Don’t head to a secluded island in the middle of an ocean, head to the lush South American paradise of Guyana. The predominately English-speaking country is nestled right on the northern coast of the continent in between Venezuela and Suriname. There are plenty of reasons to visit Guyana. It’s cheap; the exchange rate is around $200 of theirs to one of ours. It’s gorgeous; there are plenty of beaches and forests to explore. Even the locals are genuinely lovely people. From the bustling streets of Georgetown to the country’s beautiful stretches of untamed wilderness, Guyana is filled with places to fill a full trip (and then some). Here are some of the best.

1. Georgetown Light

Why not kick things off by getting some perspective. A trip to the Georgetown Light, with its jaw-dropping views of the Winyah Bay and the Tom Yankee Wildlife Center. If you want to soak up the country’s visual beauty in one swallow, then the Georgetown Light is a good place to start.


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