15 More Things NOT to Do in New York City

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New York City may not be the biggest city in the world (it’s number nine; Tokyo is number one), but it’s one of the most luminous. Across the world, New York is recognized as a cultural and political epicenter. That makes it an endlessly fascinating and endlessly dangerous place to hang out. We’ve already offered a few tips on what to avoid in New York but the city being the big, labyrinthine place it is, there’s always more ways to raise your awareness and keep safe when visiting New York City. So here, for your consideration, are several more things not to do when visiting New York.

1. Don’t Skip the Subway …

You might have heard horror stories about the subway, or you might have enough extra spending money to only take taxis, but you still shouldn’t skip the NYC subway system. It’s quick, cheap, and efficient. It’s also a quintessential part of visiting the coolest city in the world.


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