15 Things NOT to Do in Trinidad and Tobago

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Located just off the coast of South America, six miles out from Venezuela, the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is a friendly tourist attraction that will absolutely reward your time. Thanks to the country’s vast oil and gas reserves, though, a wide gap exists between the nation’s rich and its working poor. In other words, there are some locations in the country where things can get dicey. Of course, a cautious traveler can find plenty of fun in Trinidad and Tobago. The nation has a well-deserved reputation for it’s tourist industry, and a few photos of the country’s lush private resorts are enough to explain why. If you get the opportunity to travel to Trinidad and Tobago, go there. However, here are some things you should absolutely avoid doing.

1. Don’t Stay in Trinidad

Of the two islands that make up the nation, Tobago has a much more tourist-friendly atmosphere and the best resorts. The more industrial island of Trinidad has a bit more of a problem with crime; in fact, even the hotels recommend that you not hang out outdoors in Trinidad after dark.


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