16 Things Not to Do in Argentina

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If you’re like an average American, it’s a safe bet that you’re knowledge of Argentina begins and ends with the fact that they really enjoy soccer. If you know a bit more than that, you might know the country’s capital: Buenos Aires. If that’s all you know about this beautiful, diverse South American country, then you’re missing out. Argentina is a must-visit nation for any traveler who enjoys everything from a good, long hike to a nice glass of wine. There’s so much to see and do in Argentina that an adventurous traveler could get positively lost in its wonder. Of course, like every other nation in the world, there are some important things to know before you visit. Here are a few cultural and travel no-no’s to avoid when you’re about to dive into Argentina.

1. Just a Real Quick Note About Soccer

It’s not soccer, it’s futbol, and Argentinians take it very seriously. Unless you’re prepared to really defend your views, it’s probably best to only say good things about futbol (and specifically praise the prowess of the Argentinian national team).


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