17 Dishes Locals Call Their Own in Australia

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If you’re one of the thousands of tourists who find themselves drawn to Australia’s pristine beaches and crystal clear water, you’re not alone. If you’re visiting the nation that’s also a continent, however, there’s much more to soak up than the beaches. Look around, Australia has surprises waiting around every corner. A trip to Australia affords the adventurous traveler the opportunity to tantalize their palate at every meal. Australian cuisine is a world unto itself whether you’re dining in a high class restaurant or dipping into a local grocery store. The denizens of this colorful island eat some pretty unique stuff, some of which you can go out and try now and others you’ll only find on a trip to Australia.

1. Sausage Sanger

To be fair, “sanger” is just an Australian slang term that means “sandwich.” That may not sound particularly “Australian,” but the sausage sanger holds a special place in the hearts of Australians. The sauce-sacked sausage sandwich is so popular that the Australian government has installed barbecues in several public places so that Aussies can enjoy them whenever they get the urge.


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