18 Things NOT to Do in India

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If you ever get the chance to travel to India — pretty much anywhere in India — you should take it. The massive Asian country has been called the cradle of the human race. Home to around one-seventh of the world’s population, India is many things at once. It’s a spiritual mecca, a political torchbearer, and a stunningly gorgeous stretch of land. It’s home to the wettest inhabited place in the world, a village called Mawsynram. India was the place where shampoo was invented. They have a spa just for elephants. Truly, India is an incredible place filled with some of the friendliest people on the planet. All that being said, there are definitely some clear cut ways to ruin what could be a life-changing trip. So, if you’re headed towards India, here are a few things to avoid to maximize your fun.

1. Don’t Trust Strangers

India is a big country with a whole lot of people, and some of them would simply love to take advantage of a wandering tourist or two. In other words, don’t buy stuff from people on the street unless you want to get wildly overcharged. Don’t follow anyone claiming to know a good tourist spot. Just use your head.


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