5 Tourist Traps To Avoid in New York!

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New York is recognized as a cultural and political epicenter. That makes it an endlessly fascinating and endlessly dangerous place to hang out. So here, for your consideration, are 5 Tourist Traps To Avoid When Visiting New York.

1. Don’t Go to Times Square
Sorry, but it sucks now. Big money has turned Times Square into a big, shiny outdoor mall. There are better, more unique places than national chains and it’s worth taking the time to seek them out.

2. Don’t Go Up The Empire State Building
Skip it; the lines are awful and the cost to get past them is a ton. Instead, check out one of New York’s awesome other tall buildings with rooftop views; you can even grab a few drinks at a rooftop bar.

3. Don’t Eat Street Food
It’s either poorly prepared or borderline unsafe. Pre-packaged goods are fine, but you should probably avoid anything home-made unless you have a cast iron stomach.

4. Don’t Go Shopping in the ‘Popular’ Districts
Stick to the small boutiques in the West Village, Williamsburg, NoLita, and the Lower East Side to get the true NYC shopping experience.

5. Don’t Be A Tourist!
There is a ton of seemingly interesting stuff to do that’s designed to lure in and fleece tourists with mediocre food and attractions. The intelligent tourists, however, can find some really mind-blowing museums, restaurants and shops all over the city. Just keep an eye out.

Where do you want to know what not to do in next?
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