A Historic Chalet Burned Down in Minnesota

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During a recent fire in Minnesota the historic Sperry Chalet in Montana’s Glacier National Park was lost. No one was hurt in the fire and firefighters did their best to save it, but they were unsuccessful in doing so.

The Chalet was first built in 1913 and had been recognized by the National Register of Historic Place since 1977. It was used as a lodge in recent years. A statement was posted about the incident.

“The firefighters, supported by 3 helicopters, made a valiant stand to save the structure but were unsuccessful in saving the main Sperry Chalet.”

Thursday afternoon at approximately 6:00 pm, the main building at the Sperry Chalet was lost to the Sprague Fire. (bh) pic.twitter.com/6ZeYPfFlPl

— GlacierNationalPark (@GlacierNPS) September 1, 2017

“The largest and most architecturally impressive structure of the two is the dormitory, covered by a large gable roof pierced by two dormers on each side of the gable that shelter small log-framed balconies. The roofs are finished with wood shingles. The random rubble masonry of the walls have some stones that extend up to a foot out from the rest of the wall in distorted shapes in the way that clinker bricks extend out from brick walls.”

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