Airbnb Responds to Attacks from Hotel Industry

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Airbnb has responded to attacks that have been directed their way from the hotel industry. A plan was released from the American Hotel and Lodging Association that detailed how they want to take Airbnb down. Airbnb released a three-page report in response.

The report is entitled “Airbnb: Fighting Hotel Price-Gouging, Saving Millions for Consumers.”

In it they state that “While some price fluctuation can be attributed to basic supply and demand forces and is appropriate, there have been countless examples of hotels engaging in blatant price-gouging.”

They went on to point out how hotels take advantage of conferences, sporting events, the weather, and even natural disasters to hike up their rates when people need them most.

“For too long, hotels have had nearly unchecked power to raise rates and price gouge consumers at will…many hotel leaders and executives have grown concerned that Airbnb and the popularity of home sharing will limit their ability to earn even more money by price gouging in the future.”


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