Apple Already Takes a Lead in Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality (AR) – in response to Apple’s ARKit Google unveiled the ARCore. While ARKit is meant for iOS users the ARCore is for smartphones that run on Android.

Mobile based AR became famous with the game Pokemon Go where digital objects are overlaid on the screen of the real world. Launched in the month of July 2016 people went crazy over catching Pokemon’s and were found hunting for them in parks, restaurants, offices and even in graveyards.

Apple Already Takes a Lead in Augmented Reality
Apple Already Takes a Lead in Augmented Reality

With the PokeCoins that the people buy from Apple, it is expected to make about $3 billion in just two years, say the analysts.

ARCore would be available for Galaxy S8 users and Google’s Pixel Phone. Google visions 100 million users of ARCore, however, there is no set date for the release. ARKit was launched in June which would be made available to users this fall.

Apple and Google will battle for to take a lead in gaining the upper hand of software developers and customers. Games and application would look fascinating with AR in them.

Both the companies have challenges. For Apple, Cupertino will integrate the AR System with all devices that are running on iOS 11 which is due for release this fall. The iPhones would all have the functionalities of iPhone 6S – standard motion sensors and single rear camera instead of two like in iPhone 7 Plus. The range of things displayed would be limited.

Google hand aimed at solving the problem of detecting depth sensors by AR System Tango but just two mobile makes support it which is why they while working with ARCore they ditched the depth sensors.

The ecosystem of Android is disintegrated which is the biggest challenge for them. In order to make their AR system famous, they would have to ask their phone makers to use certain parts because it may be impossible for them to account for a variety of Android phone cameras.

It is easier for Apple to work with the AR System as they know their operating system in and out and understand the software and hardware in depth – they are calibrated closely.

Owning both the hardware and software comes in as a positive point for Apple in the game of AR.

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