Bangkok to its Get First Michelin Guide

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Bangkok is the next city to get a Michelin Guide, which will be it’s very first time. The city is known for its street food scene (which has recently been threatened), but it has also started to get a reputation for having some awesome permanent restaurants as well.

Michelin and the Tourism Authority of Thailand are now collaborating on a food guide. Lionel Dantiacq, the President and Managing Director of the Michelin Group released a statement about the decision to release a Bangkok guide in both English in Thai, available both online and in print.

“Bangkok is one of the world’s culinary capitals, offering amazing cuisine, from fine dining from renowned international chefs to small family-owned eateries. The kingdom’s food also has a long, rich heritage which enhances the pleasure of tourists traveling.”

The TAT Governor, Yuthasak Supasorn said that he hopes that “this partnership between TAT and Michelin will boost high-quality tourism in Thailand while helping visitors get more out of Thailand’s rich culinary scene. The Guide will also inspire local restaurants to improve their quality and raise the bar in terms of gastronomic excellence.”

Meanwhile, the Thai government announced their plans to clean up the street food scene which has threatened its livelihood. Then it was shared that the plans include moving some of the stalls but not getting rid of them completely.

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