CEO of Apple Strongly Opposes White Supremacists

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The thoughts and actions of CEO’s of big companies bring about a great impact on the employees of the company as well as the world. The events in Charlottesville have been quite upsetting and Apple CEO, Tim Cook also responded to the display of violence that took place this weekend.

He penned down his thoughts for his employees which clearly showed that he believed in equality.

CEO of Apple Strongly Opposes White Supremacists
CEO of Apple Strongly Opposes White Supremacists

In his email, he strongly opposed the President and those who thought that there is a moral uniformity between white supremacists and Nazis, and those who clash with them by standing up for human rights. As a company through their actions, products, and voice Apple will always work to make certain that all are given the same respect and equal treatment.

He mentioned how disturbed he was since the events took place. “Hate is cancer“, he said and when not stopped on time it destroys what comes in its way. The marks are not easily gone. There is many a time that history has shown us such times in the United States and in the other countries across the globe.

Racism and hate shouldn’t be witnessed in the country and they should be quite clear about it. It is not about conservative or liberal. It is about human principles and politesse, he wrote.

Apple has always had people from different places working for them and they have always been welcomed displaying their inclusive nature.

Irrespective of the political views everyone should stand united.

Apple would be contributing $1 million each to Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Centre to help them fight hatred. Along with this, there will be an employee donation for the cause on two-for-one basis.

There will also be an addition to iTunes for Apple users to contribute to support these organizations.

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