Company Launches ‘Signature Smells’ for Airlines

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A company called Zodiac Aerospace has launched a system called FIVE which they say is a “signature smell” geared towards airline to be used from the gate to the actual plane.

The company says that “pleasant smells improve moods, shorten the perception of time, boost sales, and form strong memories,” all of which are things that would be appealing to airlines.

They have a variety of different scent styles to choose from and suggest that they not only help to cover up bad smells but they also can be used to create the feeling of uniqueness for each airline.

They suggest that the scents be used in the “boarding areas, downstream of cabin air vents, and inside trolleys, premium seats, galleys or lavatories.”

The company says that they are in the process of courting the idea to commercial and private plane owners but that it has not been used as of yet in any commercial lines.

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