Contiki Launches New Itineraries for Millennials

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Contiki has launched some new itineraries in an effort to appeal to millenials. Some of the new travel locations include Nice, Copenhagen, Budapest, Mykonos, Amalfi Coast, Iceland, Ibiza, and Porto.

They are also launching a style called Independent Insider which will offer travelers the option to stay in a location for up to three days for a more immersive experience. Contiki already makes an effort in allowing travelers to build trips around their own interests, so this option just takes things to the next level.

Contiki president Adam Cooper released a statement about the move.

“We continuously research, examine and strategize new ways to innovate our products to create itineraries and partnerships that appeal to and resonate with the modern millennial traveler. Through our research, we’ve discovered there’s a segment of millennials who seek the hassle-free and social elements of group travel, yet want more flexibility and local immersion in their itineraries, and we’ve developed the new Independent Insider styled trips grounded in this insight.”


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