Czech Republic Approves Smoking Ban

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Travelers should be aware that the Czech Republic has approved a ban on smoking cigarettes after years of debating it. This will means that smoking is banned within restaurants, bars, cafes, sporting venues, moving theaters, etc.

With this change, Slovakia is now the only European Union member state that has not yet banned smoking indoors. The shift in the Czech Republic will go into effect this summer.

Other places like hotels have already started to set their own rules around this type of thing.
Donna Quadri-Felitti, the Director And Associate Professor Of Hospitality Management at Penn State spoke out the concept last year.

“It’s a sensible, strategic move. From the cost savings to the property there are benefits from cleaning to damage from cigarette burns, etc. It makes sense on the expense side of the equation without a doubt. There are a number of hotels that have done this and are moving in that direction.”

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