Eat and Drink Your Way Through Greece

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When in Greece, do as the Greeks do and chow down! In a culture that’s centered around tasty and hearty foods, it’s only right that you indulge in some of the cuisines and beverages that this Mediterranean country is known for. We’ve created this handy guide full of all of the dishes, wines, dips, and coffees that are worth trying, as well as some of the restaurants that are known for making this savory fare.

1. Baklava

This flaky pastry is synonymous with Greece and Greek culture. It’s a dessert that consists of nuts, sugar, butter, and syrup that will ignite your taste buds. Although you can find this treat all over the country, tourists have raved about Karakoy Gulluoglu in Athens. You can purchase one piece at a time or go all in and select their mixed box full of multiple delicious flavors.

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