Europe Expects Tourism Growth in 2017

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Europe is expecting to have significant tourism growth in 2017 following a slower year in 2016, despite changes in U.S. travel requirements, Brexit, and a variety of security concerns.

The European Travel Commission has reported that around half of the European travel destinations showed double-digit growth in the early months of 2017, with Iceland leading the way. Iceland saw 54 percent more visitors in the first few months of 2017 than it did within the same months in 2016. Part of the demand increase is attributed to how popular the spot is on social media.

Other areas that have seen a big jump include Cyprus with 26 percent, Portugal with 25 percent, and Malta with 23 percent. Turkey, on the other hand, is down eight percent.

Eduardo Santander, the Executive Director of the ETC spoke about the growth.

“At times of dwindling market share and increased competition, European leaders must cooperate to collectively formulate appropriate policies and actions aimed at fostering Europe’s image as a tourism destination.”

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