Expedia Releases Airplane Etiquette Study

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Expedia has released an Airplane Etiquette Study which surveyed 1,005 Americans to find out what they considered the most annoying behavior on airplanes.

Overall, the top annoyance mentioned from 64 percent of people was back of the seat kicking. People also mentioned inattentive parenting (59 percent), aromatic passengers (55 percent), loud music or talking (49 percent), heavy drinking, and undressing.

Interestingly 49 percent of people said that excessive drinking was annoying, but only 12 percent of the people said that they ever had more than two drinks on their flights.

Expedia’s general manager John Morrey spoke out about why they gathered this information.

“As we embark on 2017, millions and millions of people will be taking to the air this year, and should know that there’s no better gift you can give to a fellow traveler than respect and generosity. The Airplane Etiquette study shows that small acts of decorum can go a long way. After all, as it relates to flights, we are quite literally all in this together.”

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