Hawaii Might Bring Back Inter-Island Ferry

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The state of Hawaii is considering bringing back an inter-island ferry that would transport passengers between the islands. This happened once before when the Hawaii SuperFerry was launched in 2007 but it only lasted for two years.

Irene Bowie, the former executive director of the Maui Tomorrow Foundation has spoken about why it might not be such a great idea.

“In the beginning, people believed what they were reading, that it was going to be this really low-cost way to go inter-island and it sounded like a great thing. But the devil is always in the details.”

The Hawaii State Department of Transportation recently received a half-million dollar grant from the Maritime Administration. The director of the department Ford Fuchigami spoke about their current options.

“The feasibility study might come back and say maybe it’s not financially feasible for us to do this. But right now, using federal money which is available…we want to be sure that we use that money to see whether or not this is possible.”

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