Here Is All About The Face ID On iPhone X

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While Apple has announced three iPhone lineup on their 10th anniversary to make it highly memorable, it is must mention that iPhone X is really the best of all and even it is the best phone that Apple built in these long 10 years.  They have integrated numerous exciting features on it to make it highly attractive and the Face ID is one of them definitely. It is important to note that Face ID is not like the facial recognition feature of Android rather it is something much more improved than that.

Face ID is an excellent form of biometric authentication and works the same way as other biometric authentication such as TouchID or fingerprint sensor. More about this Face ID on iPhone X is explained here.

Here Is All About The Face ID On iPhone X
Here Is All About The Face ID On iPhone X

Face ID

This biometric recognition is designed to do the same task which other biometric authentication do such as for Apple store purchases, Apple Pay etc. As per the company, this feature is able to do the following tasks:

  • First, it scans the face perfectly so that it can recognize you later on.
  • When next time a scan is done, the new one is compared with the stored scan with enough flexibility to recognize you.
  • Scan the faces in different lighting conditions.
  • Changes such as making eyebrows, if you grow a mustache, change the hairstyle etc. are being updated with time to recognize you perfectly.
  • Also, a similar looking person, mask or the photograph is not allowed in any case.

 Here is how to set up this Face ID

  • First go to settings> Face ID & Passcode
  • Next, tap on the enroll face option. It will use an infrared sensor and the front-facing camera and your face will be displayed in a circle. Also, you will be asked to move your head to capture the characteristics of your face.
  • That’s it.

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