How the Super Rich Do Disneyland

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Unless you’re one of those killjoys who hates on big corporations just because they’re big (and have a history of mild to moderate racism), then there’s a great chance you’re a big fan of Disney. The company fosters the best cartoons, and the most exciting movies, plus they’re the caretakers of the most magical place on Earth. Even the most dyed in the wool cynic can’t help but crack a smile when walking through the gates of the Magic Kingdom. Magic is the sensation delivered to every person who pays the price of admission. However, if you’re headed to Disney World with thousands (and thousands) of dollars at your disposal, there’s a whole other level of service available. Just check out the frills for those people (honest and not) who do Disney World without thinking about their bank account.

1. Take a Private Tour That’s Both ‘Premium’ and ‘VIP’

The Disney World Private Premium VIP Tours provide a personal tour guide for up to ten people. Guests get priority access to rides (and repeats), reserved seats at parades and some of the stage shows, as well as trips to special locations in a private vehicle. These tours can run up to five grand for a six hour session, but that hasn’t affected their popularity. They can be booked six months in advance, and that’s typically the way it’s got to be done. Oddly enough, the one thing that isn’t included in your $5,000 is admission to the park.

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