How the Super-Rich Take Vacations

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Ideally, when we picture the incredible luxury in which the rich spend their time, we’re probably best served by summoning up a small, but polite measure of revulsion and be grateful that when we’re afforded some leisure we can do so. Even if it doesn’t involve a personal helicopter or a yacht. Sure, we should all be happy for what we’re able to get … yada yada yada, but it’s human nature to be just a little bit green when you encounter someone who has the extra cash to live their life with a few more bells and whistles. They may not amount to serenity or happiness, but it seems that inner peace would be a little bit easier to focus on when you could do so from the cockpit of your own submarine. Just saying. Here are some of the craziest expectations, most popular locations, and insane toys that the rich think about when planning their vacations.

1. That Submarine Thing Is No Joke, Either

Yachts get all the attention, but the real cutting edge in insanely crazy things you totally need is the “submersible yacht” from companies like Migaloo Submarines. The two-story design is 377 feet long and comes with a helipad, swimming pools, eight VIP suites, a personal movie theater, and, of course, tons of ways to check out the sights below water. According to the company, the yachts they custom-build and sell can dive to the same depths as a US Navy Virginia Class submarine (aka, about 800 feet). If you’ve got a mere $2.3 billion, Migaloo will be happy to get going on construction.


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