iPhone X Hands on and Price

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Arriving soon this November is the iPhone X which is going to be available for $999. It may sound pricey but it is every bit worth it.

It comes with a stainless steel back and 5.8-inch OLED display. Although the display is more than the 5.5-inch phone the body is much smaller compared to those phones. There is no Home button and it has facial recognition. As you take it near your face the phone unlocks.

iPhone X Hands on and Price
iPhone X Hands on and Price

However, your eyes should be open for this feature to work because there are 30,000 infrared dots on your face that are projected on your face through a TrueDepth camera which is integrated into the display notch right at the top of the iPhone. The FaceID authentication works perfectly even in low light areas. You can wear a cap or change your hairstyle the phone recognizes you but try putting a photograph and it doesn’t unlock.

Even though the look is extremely shiny and glossy the phone is thicker and not slippery compared to the iPhone 7.

The display is gorgeous and Apple calls it Super Retina Display and comes with a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. This is the highest density screen among all iPhones.

Multitasking is quite easy on the phone you just need to swipe from the bottom and then keep holding while swiping right or left to switch between the apps.

Face ID

You don’t need a Home button to use Apple Pay. You just need to tap the side button two times and then launch Face ID for Apple Pay and use it as you would.


You can create Animojis = animated + emoji. You have different animals such as pig, unicorn, panda, fox and even poop.

The phone is both water and dust resistant.

Although the phone is on the pricier side it sure is going to fascinate the users.

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