LaGuardia Welcomes Automated Checkpoint Lanes

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LaGuardia airport now has automated checkpoint lanes in one terminal with plans to expand to others. The concept is a collaboration between Delta Air Lines and the Transportation Security Administration.

The automated TSA check is thought to speed up the rate of people passing through security, as well as be more effective in general. The conveyor belts work automatically and even send the empty bins back to the front of the conveyor belt for the next people in line to use.

The screening bins will be larger and equipped with a Unique Radio Frequency Identification so that people’s stuff can more easily be tracked. Anything flagged as a potential threat will sound an alarm and be diverted elsewhere to be checked out.

Robert Duffy, TSA’s Federal Security Director for LaGuardia released a statement about the technology.

“We look at this new equipment and our partnership with Delta as being able to provide enhanced security while improving the traveler’s experience. The new automated screening lanes offer several features designed to improve the screening of travelers by automating many of the functions previously conducted manually, which allows travelers to move more swiftly and efficiently through the checkpoint.”


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