‘Naughty’ Travel Bringing in Billions Each Year

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Libertine or “naughty” travel is a lot more popular than you might think. Forbes has estimated that in the last year the niche brought in $20 billion.

There are a variety of things that fall into the category of libertine but the overall theme is travelers connecting with like-minded people looking for legal sexual and intimate experiences to share.

Forbes summed it up as:

“Swingers and aficionados of foam parties, group sex, latex parties, exhibitionism, and other sexual practices reportedly pay large sums for the pleasure of mixing sexual adventures and tourist explorations in many corners of the globe.”

Examples of destinations include the Southern French port city of Cap d’Agde which is a nudist town, and the $10,000 a head Cruise Desir which is for couples only and offers “the sensuality of erotic games and provocative-themed soirees with hot shows.”

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