New Jet Could Fly From London to New York in 20 Minutes

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A new jet called the Antipode claims to have the technology to fly from London to New York in only 20 minutes.

Canadian designer Charles Bombardier came up with the concept for the plane, which uses a technology called “long penetration mode.” Using that technology the plane could take off from the airport like any other plane, but then reach speeds several times faster than what other planes are currently capable of with the help of rocket boosters.

The jet could quickly climb to 40,000 feet and then use its “supersonic combustion ramjet engine” to reach speeds of 16,000 miles per hour. That’s ten times faster than Concorde and 21 times faster than the speed of sound.

The Antipode would seat ten passengers at a time. The designer spoke out about the concept.

“The idea of going from New York to London in, say 20 minutes – that’s what I think really grabbed people. It’s always something that people would like – a transportation system that could take you from one place on the planet to the other side.”

Current the Antipode is purely in its concept stages.

“I wanted to help get funding to do more research, and so I tried to push the whole thing forward. I know that it’s not going to lead to the exact aircraft at the end, but it might help to develop new technologies and new processes. If it does, then that I’m happy that I did something to help society.”

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