Richard Branson Might Start Another Airline

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It was recently announced that Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America, and that name Virgin would be retired soon. Now Virgin’s founder Sir Richard Branson has hinted that he might start another airline.

This week Richard did an interview where he was discussing a dispute with Alaska over acquiring royalties for Virgin. He said that Alaska should continue paying them royalties through 2040 “unless we decide to start another airline. So, we’ll see what happens.”

Virgin was one of the more popular airlines and Richard was sad to see the name go. At the time of the news he released a statement about the decision thanking employees and customers alike.

“To our wonderful guests, I speak for everyone at Virgin America when I say we are eternally thankful. For believing in the little airline that could. For giving up your miles on ‘Blah airlines’ – so you could fly us for the experience. For supporting us in every tussle we got in with the big guys. For believing that all airlines don’t have to be the same – and that experience matters.”

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