Road Trip Snacks that Won’t Make a Mess

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Road trips can be super fun, and they can also be a bit lengthy. Unlike traveling on a plane or a train there isn’t always food on hand unless you supply it yourself. Ideally bringing along plenty of your own snacks is going to make a car ride all the much more enjoyable.

The best road trip snacks are going to be prepackaged in some way, whether that’s done by you or how it comes in its original packaging. Passing around a giant bag of chips is asking for trouble. Snack bags of popcorn, on the other hand, are a lot more reasonable.

Some snacks that travel well are non-messy and self-contained foods like string cheese, beef jerky, and dried fruit.

Packing along frozen water bottles (with water, juice, etc) can prevent needing to stop every hour. The water bottles from Hydr-8 are one brand that specifically fit into the cup holders to prevent messes.

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