Spain Opens a Nap Cafe

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Travelers to Spain can now make a stop at Madrid’s first nap cafe, Siesta & Go. The cafe offers both private and shared rooms to cozy up and get in some sleep.

In addition to beds the rooms also have lamps and books if reading and relaxing is what you’re craving more than anything else. They offer single use bedsheets, pajamas, and even slippers.

The beds can be purchased by the minute or the hour, and the employees will wake you up before you go over your time.

Maria Estrella Jorro de Inza, the founder of the cafe spoke out about the intentions.

“It’s funny that we’re known for the siesta, but we haven’t been professional about it. We get a lot of men in suits who just want to relax and women wanting to take their heels off. Lunch break is the busiest time.”


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