The Best Pizzerias in Italy

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Let’s be honest, here, folks. Pizza has been around about as long as humans have had bread to throw toppings onto. Since the neolithic era, man has adorned fresh bread with an assortment of toppings and then chowed down to his great contentment. The ancient Greeks flavored a flat bread with specials herbs, onions, and garlic. The Jewish people put toppings on matzah during Passover, a dish that was subsequently passed on to traveling Roman guards. From China to India to Finland, the notion of ingredients on bread isn’t unique to Italy. All that being said, only a fool would deny that the Italians have done more than enough to earn their title as the rightful owners of the best pizza in the world. Of course, if you find yourself wandering the streets of Rome or perusing the shops in a little seaside town you’re going to find yourself with plenty of options for genuine Italian pizza — here are the very best pizzerias throughout the country that’s famous for it’s pie.


When you’re vacationing in Milan, you’re not far from this high-end eatery that serves their pizza on a deliciously crispy crust. You’ll need to make reservations at SPIB to grab a bite, but with more than 40 varieties of pie on the menu, you’ll surely find something to adore.


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