The Best Travel Apps for Flying

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There are tons of apps these days, some of which are more fun than others. Many of the travel apps out there are very convenient, especially the ones that have to do with flying. Here are a few to know about.


With the Skiplagged app you can find one-way tickets that give you the option of getting off the plane at a layover spot instead of continuing on. Sometimes these are cheaper than the direct one-way tickets.


Grab is a dining app that’s perfect for people rushing to their flight. The app gives you all the information you might need about restaurants within the airport so that you can figure out exactly where you want to go when you arrive. Some of the spot will allow you to pick the food up to go as you run to your gate.


Hipmunk is a great app for comparing flight prices, as well as selecting the winner. The app makes it easy to select the day that you want to travel, which also makes booking easy as well.

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