The Mayor of Capri Says the Island Could ‘Explode’

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The mayor of Capri Giovanni De Martino has said that the island of could “explode” from having too many tourists. The island has been welcoming around two million tourists each year. The overcrowding is now making it harder for people to get around and enjoy the island.

“There’s the risk that Capri could explode — you can’t fit a liter and a half of water into a one-liter bottle. We welcome tourists, but 2 million a year is a bit too much.”

There are certain rules on the island that are not being followed. One such rule is that ferries are supposed to wait ten minutes between the times that passengers are allowed to depart. But sometimes they let off 800 passengers in under ten minutes which makes it hard for anyone to catch transportation on the island.

It’s not hard to imagine why the island is so crowded. It offers fine dining, sunning, and gorgeous views of the ocean.


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