The Most Common Complaints of Hotel Guests

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Most people want to feel like they’re getting good quality in a hotel room since they are of course paying for the place. An app called ALICE recently released information about hospitality complaints across a variety of different rental spaces and hotel rooms.

The app found that the top complaint in hotel rooms is the temperature. Things like wi-fi and requesting extra towels also showed up on the list.

President and Co-Founder of the app Alex Shashou explained the intentions behind it.

“What we realized is there’s a lack of mobile technology on the guest side but the real inefficiency you’re experiencing is coming from the back end. The hotel could be running anywhere from three to five systems and they’re all disconnected legacy systems. So, we started out making a guest app, but we really quickly realized that there was an equivalent if not greater need to solve the back end piece at the same time.”

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